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A complete end-to-end solution combining cutting edge security, technology, and UX focused dashboards for easy handling of all your daily needs in one place.

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About us

We are crypto enthusiasts sharing vast knowledge in competitive online sectors. We built 10 Coins to solve problems we faced when processing high volumes online - our product offers unique solution that can help businesses grow effectively and safely into the crypto space.

Discover great UX and unique features

Variety of cryptocurrencies

We offer API Deposits and Payouts for all leading Cryptocurrencies – BTC/ETH/USDT/LTC/BSV and more.

Multi Languages

Multi language cashier across all leading markets worldwide

Funds recovery mechanism

Recovery of any Deposit made by end users to a wrong wallet address within the same network

Zero confirmation transactions

The best UX your clients can have! We provide an instant deposit confirmation. Your end users will have their funds credited within 5 minutes.

crypto to crypto & fiat to crypto

Users can choose to deposit crypto or buy crypto with fiat directly on your cashier

Rebate model on volume

The higher your volume is – The more you get back from us. Our rebate model is unique and applies for all merchant sizes

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